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Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing your cabinets allows you to keep your existing cabinets that may be of high quality. Updated doors and drawer fronts, new hardware and hinges, the option to replace drawer boxes, and a color change give your existing cabinets the look of a brand new kitchen. We can change your layout or alter cabinets to accommodate new appliances. From start to finish, we work to reduce dust and keep a clean work environment. We protect your floors and seal off adjoining rooms. After removing your old doors and drawer fronts, we use our vacuum sanders to remove the old finish from your cabinets. After several steps of fine sanding, we apply wiping stain by hand in the color of your choice. Using HVLP spray equipment, we finish the cabinets with durable top coats of catalyzed varnish. New doors and drawer fronts are installed and cabinets and drawers are thoroughly
cleaned. The entire process is complete in under 2 weeks.


- Update color and style of existing high quality cabinets

- Sprayed finishes offer unsurpassed smoothness and clarity

- New finish offers superior water and chemical resistance and is easy to clean and maintain

- Use of kitchen throughout the process


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